LOAMME GIRL (sounds like 'homegirl') was founded from a love of gathering second-hand gems and an aversion toward fast fashion and mass production. The name, like the style of the brand was derived from [LO]NDON, [AM]STERDAM and [ME]LBOURNE; three cities the founder lived and loved.

LOAMME GIRL provides a curated collection of pre-loved clothing, accessories & homewares with each piece hand selected and locally sourced. Driven not so much by trends, but rather by the craft, quality and character of preloved and handmade goods.

Unique to LOAMME GIRL is the “On The Hunt” section where clients can upload details or photos of items they are currently chasing. The founder will keep an eye out and send exclusive personalised options.. just for you!

For further information or enquiries please contact Emma via info@loammegirl.com